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Eenadu has Launched Eight new editions
With Eight new printing centres in Mahaboobnagar, Ongole, Khammam, Nizamabad (all in AP), Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, and Delhi.Eenadu ensures that the Telugu reader in these places will now receive the latest news at the crack of dawn. With a special focus on local news coverage.
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Weekly Serials
NAGAASTRAM (Sat & Sun 7:30pm - 8:30pm)
The Story revolves around a blighted village, Sarpavaram somewhere in Andhra where the age - old temple is bereft of its presiding deity, Nageswari Devi, beleved to have been stolen over a century ago.

Years later, a ghodman takes to the village as his abode and advocates worship of goddess Nageswari Devi with a handful of earth he moulds an image of the goddess and installs in the temple. Bounty returns, peace and prosperity set in. However, the quest for the idol continues, which has a hoary past.

A very engaging story right from the start which meanders around several enigmatic happenings heighten the aura of mystery which is all pervasive. Breath taking graphics, the well designed locations and haunting background score leave an indelible impressions of the transcendental.

NAGAASTRAM, the new initiative from ETV is sure to kindle the innate interest in viewers of the supernatural and occult. With a no compromise on production and technical excellence, NAGAASTRAM is Confident of riveting viewers attention.

Details are follows
Time of Telecast: 8:00pm - 8:30pm
Frequency: Saturdays & Sundays
Category: III
Rate: Rs.9,500/- gross / PTS
Mid Break: 15% extra

YENDAMAVULU (Fri - 8:30 - 9:00 P.M)
Happiness, love and companionship seem always elusive-like a mirage-to Supratibha the daughter of a sick invalid father, a traditional and god-fearing mother and the sister of a gambler, school drop-out brother-Ravi. But her education and attitude towards life keep Supratibha going. She takes up the responsibility of her family and opts for a job giving up her PG studies.

Balakrishna, the boss of Supratibha falls in love with her simplicity and honesty in every walk of life. But Ravi has other plans for his sister. He marries her off to a much older man in exchange for a fat sum of money. Suprathiba reconciles to the harsh fare when like a bolt out of the blue her husband Mohan reveals that he is already committed to another woman. Once again a mirage has duped her.

She takes a bold decision to leave her husband to decide between her and his love. In the meanwhile she returns to her job but is chased by rumours of an affair with her boss.

Will Supratibha always be duped by mirages or does life show any compassion top her?

*Cast:- Kalyani, Ragini, Narsimha Raju, Nagamani, B.V.Chandra Sekhar, Ganesh

VASUNDHARA: (Sat - 8:30 - 9:00 P.M)
All the trials, tribulations, sadness, laughter and joy of a women's world is on the small screen, with vasundhara. Reflecting their lives, every episode will have famous film star, play an endearing role in this message-oriented serial. It is also a favourite serial among the Teluguites.

PANCHATANTRAM (Tales of Wisdom) (9 am -  9.30 am on Sundays)
Etv Constantly endevours to produce meaningful entertainment. In this contest, Panchatantram, India's most famous tales of wisdom, embodying a venerable a India story telling tradition was the ideal choice. The five books of delectable stories are composed by the revered by the scholar Vishnu Sharma ancient India.

Panchatantra is a matchless resource for learning because it affirms the values of virtues through stories narrated in a gripping and enthralling fashion meant to awaken the intellect without being instructive or taxing.

ETV's PANCHATANTRAM is all set to present the abiding stories to its viewers through a unique medium - Puppetry. The newest initiative from ETV represents a synergy of India's most treasured traditions and modern day TV programming.

The very latest production techniques encompassing modern graphics and SFX tools produce an exhilarating viewing experience, keeping the viewers enchanted throughout.
ETV's effort is a reaffirmation of the enduring and timeless truths of India. The program details are as follows:

Date of Commencement: 30th November, 2003.
Timing: 9 am -  9.30 am on Sundays
Category: III
Rate: Rs.9,5000/- PTS Gross
Mid-Break: Rs.10,925/- PTS Gross

DURGA (8:00 P.M. - 8:30 P.M. Every Friday)

Her fate already sealed before birth, Durga is destiny’s child willed otherwise. Infused with the power of the goddess, a traverse through the growing years and the opportune moments arrives – truly spectacular happenings mark Durag’s life making her cult image.

With the Divine on her side it is a pre-ordained victory over the evil forces whose numerous attempts to harm her comes to a naught.

A vibrant canvas DURGA is, on which  painted  is the dimension of the woman, as a warrior, the annihilator of evil as represented in the traditions.

Commenced on 12.11.04, DURGA is the new serial on ETV brought forth in the background of certain societal issues and beliefs identifiable by the viewers across.

Time 8.00-8.30 pm
Frequency: weekly, every Friday
Category : III
Tariff : Rs. 9500 pts gross.
mid-break : Rs. 10925 pts gross.

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